WSC Conference Committee


The purpose of the WSC Conference Committee is to organize the World Service Conference, which includes:

A. Hotel site selection and negotiation;
B. Preparation of the agenda;
C. Preparation and review of the minutes from each Conference for distribution;
D. Compile the Delegates packets
E. Develop policies and procedures for the conference.

The WSOB and its’ Board of Director are responsible for negotiations of contracts related to the Statement of Purpose of the Conference Committee. This includes WSC hotel contracts and taping contracts, which will be coordinated with the Conference Committee.

A subcommittee of the Conference Committee also serves as a Credentials Committee. This committee reviews all petitions to the WSC for Area recognition, as well as the Delegate Credential forms.

A subcommittee of the Conference Committee also serves as a Conference Coordination subcommittee. This subcommittee assists in all aspects of Conference planning. The Conference Coordinator shall chair this subcommittee. The Administrative Coordinator shall serve on this sub-committee. The Conference Coordinator is responsible to the Conference Committee and the Conference as a whole for meeting the requirements of the statement of purpose of the Conference Committee. The Conference Coordinator shall not be a voting member of the Conference. The term of service begins with the end of the Conference during which he/she is selected and ending at the end of the second successive Conference.