World Service Office (WSO)

From the C.A. World Service Manual


The WSO is the main contact and distribution point of C.A. Its main purpose is to maintain contact with members, Groups, Districts, and Areas. Contact is sustained through correspondence, newsletters, e-mail, the website, and representatives within our service structure.

WSO offers services to:
1. New Groups
2. Existing Groups with special problems
3. Institutional Groups
4. International Groups
5. National meeting services
6. International meeting services
7. Loners (isolated people)
8. Conventions
9. Conference Committees
10. On-line C.A. Groups

The World Service Office Board (“CAWSO Board”) is responsible to the World Service Board of Trustees (“WSBT”) and acts upon directives from the World Service Conference (“WSC”). Each of the board positions approved by the WSC has a voice and a vote at the Conference. The CAWSO Board is subject to and must abide by the Twelve Traditions.

The WSO has volunteer committees that correspond to WSC committees that service the diverse needs of the WSO and the fellowship as a whole.

The CAWSO Board shall not exceed ten directors. Except for the Director of Resources & Project Development, the Director of Operations and Trustees, qualifications to be selected as a WSO Director shall include membership on a WSO committee, or prior Area or District service committee. The CAWSO Board shall consist of the following:

Vice Chairperson
World Service Trustee
World Service Office Trustee
Paid Director of Resources & Project Development Paid Director of Operations

World Service Office Board of Directors Interview Process:

Directors of the World Service Office Board (WSOB) to be interviewed by the World Service Board of Trustee’s (WSBT):
1. The WSOB Chairperson
2. The WSOB Treasurer
3. The WSO Paid Director(s)

Directors or Volunteers of the World Service Office Board (WSOB) to be interviewed by the current World Service Office Board:
1. All Directors other than the WSOB Chair, WSOB Treasurer and WSO Paid Director(s).
2. The NewsGram Editor
3. The Webservant
4. Archives

Process of the Candidate Interview:

1. Except for the Paid Director, the potential candidate must have attended at least two WSOB meetings prior to submitting their resume to either the WSBT or the WSOB.
2. Except for the Paid Director, complete a service resume and submit it to the Chair of the applicable interviewing board.
3. Chair of the interviewing Board to set time of the interview.
4. Chair of the interviewing Board to introduce the process of the questions to the candidate.
5. Chair of the interviewing Board shall contact candidates not selected during the process and advise them of the outcome prior to notifying the candidate chosen.
6. The list of interview questions for the candidates shall remain confidential.

The Board of Directors of CAWSO shall be elected as follows:

1. All Directors, other than the Paid Director or Trustee Directors, will be elected by the Board of Trustees after consideration of the specific qualifications of each prospective Director.
2. The Paid Director, being a Director automatically after employment, will be installed by the CAWSO Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board after the hiring of the Paid Director.
3. Trustee Directors will be elected in accordance with Trustee election procedures contained elsewhere in this manual and become a Director of CAWSO immediately upon the beginning of their term of office.

Quorum of any meeting of CAWSO will consist of a simple majority (51%) of all currently filled Director positions.


1. Elected by vote of the Board of Trustees from one of the existing Directors, excluding Paid Director, World Service Office Trustee and World Service Trustee.
2. Overall administration and coordination of all WSO activities.
3. Develops candidates for future openings of the Board of Directors and forwards all qualifying service resumes to the Board of Trustees after a ratifying vote by the existing Board of Directors.
4. Directly responsible for supervising the office personnel; all tasks the office workers perform should be coordinated through the Chairperson.
5. Chairs the WSO board meetings.
6. Sets the Agenda for the Board Meetings.
7. Sits on a WSC committee.

1. Assists the Chairperson.
2. Chairs WSO board meeting when the chair is not present.
3. Sits on a WSC committee.
4. Administrates the coordination of the Conference with the WSC Conference Committee.

1. Maintain records of all proceedings of the WSO Board meetings (Minutes).
2. Maintain files of all committee reports.
3. Make minutes and records available to CAWSO Board and WSBT. Make minutes available to Delegates via Delegate mailing.
4. Maintain record book(s) in which the bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules, and minutes are entered with any amendments to these documents properly recorded and to have the record book(s) on hand at every meeting.
5. Provide the Chairperson minutes of the previous Board meeting at least 2 days prior to the next scheduled meeting, in order that the Chairperson can prepare an Agenda.
6. In the absence of the chairperson and the vice-chairperson, call the meeting to order and preside until the immediate election of a Chairperson.
7. Sits on a committee of the WSC.

1. Should have prior Area or District, service committee Treasurer experience or professional experience in the fields of finance or accounting.
2. Responsible for supervising all financial matters at the WSO including:
a. Accounts payable
b. Accounts receivable
c. All bank accounts
d. Coordinates negotiations with vendors
e. Contacts outside accounting firms
f. Supervises all tax filings
3. Chairperson of the WSO Finance/Spending committee.
4. Supervises policies regarding financial matters.
5. Has prepared by outside firm of Certified Public Accountants annual financial statements for CAWSO Board and WSBT in time to be distributed at the World Service Conference. In addition, prepare any additional reports or explanations to describe noteworthy changes or trends in the financial condition of C.A. World Services.
6.Sits on WSC Finance Committee.

1. Should have publication or communications experience.
2. Coordinates the various WSO committees.
3. Sits on a committee of the WSC.


1.Duties/job description of the WSO Director of Resources &Project Development shall be determined and administered by the WSBT and the CAWSO Board Chair.


1. Duties/job description of the WSO Director of Operations shall be determined by the CAWSO Board and administered through the Chairperson.
2. A current job description shall be maintained on file at the WSO.
3. Sits on a committee of the WSC.

“It is suggested that all WSOB directors step down from, and refrain from participation as a World Service Conference Committee Chairperson, or in regional, area, and district commitments other than group level or

H&I panel level.” The WSO Trustee shall not concurrently serve as Chairperson of the CAWSO Board except on a temporary basis, not to exceed 120 days. The WSO Trustee shall not serve as the Chair or Vice-Chair of the WSBT in order to eliminate any possible conflict of interest.

Each CAWSO board member shall serve a two-year term and be ratified no less than once per year at a meeting by each of the CAWSO board and WSBT. Such ratification vote or votes can be called for by a two-thirds majority of members of either board. If a CAWSO board member is not ratified and does not resign at the request of the WSBT the WSBT may remove said CAWSO member by a two-thirds majority vote. The first term of each CAWSO Board member begins upon ratification by the WSBT and ends at the close of the third WSC. No member shall serve more than three consecutive terms. For the purposes of this paragraph the term “CAWSO Board member” shall not include paid Directors, nor the World Service Trustee. In the case of the World Service Office Trustee, when elected Trustee, the WSO Trustee shall not serve more than four consecutive years on the WSBT and:

1. If less than two terms remain as a CAWSO Board member the WSO Trustee term will not exceed the remaining years on the CAWSO Board or;
2. If more than two terms remain as a CAWSO Board member, the WSO Trustee term will not exceed the four-year WSBT limitation.

All actions regarding the CAWSO Board terms, nominations and elections shall be reflected in the CAWSO Board minutes.

The CAWSO Board as a whole shares responsibility for reviewing and publishing all WSO publications, i.e., the NewsGram, directories, etc.

The WSO and the CAWSO Board also have specific responsibilities with regard to Conference approved literature as set forth in the C.A. Pamphlet Approval Process, C.A. Pamphlet Publication Process, and C.A. Book Approval Process, all of which may be found in the WSC Literature, Chips, and Format Committee Guidelines.

All WSO Directors serve on the WSO Spending Committee. The Spending Committee guidelines are as follows:

1. The purpose of the Spending Committee is to research and approve all expenditures over
2. Purchasing guidelines are:
a. A minimum of three independent bids per item over $500.00 shall be obtained.
b. A majority vote by the CAWSO Board is required for approval of expenditure and must be obtained after an informed discussion.

The CAWSO Board has authority during the CAWS fiscal year to authorize spending relative to a specific line item, money greater than authorized in the Conference approved budget, so long as:

1. The specific Committee, office, or Trustee total period budget is not exceeded; and
2. The total period CAWS budget is not exceeded with the following exception:
3. Spending on purchases of books, chips, literature, and merchandise when a line item’s sales have exceeded its budgeted amount. In no case shall the line item expense exceed a 10% increase.

The CAWSO Board has the authority to determine pricing of inventory items.