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Cocaine Anonymous Membership Survey


Due to the nature of C.A., we keep no formal roster of our membership. However, we conduct membership surveys from time to time. The most recent survey, conducted throughout North America in early 1996, gave the following snapshot of our membership during our 14th year of operation. These results are based on a nonscientific sample of over 1000 C.A. members.

Who We Are

  Male 68%
  Female 32%
  under 18 1%
  18-24 10%
  25-34 38%
  35-44 40%
  45-65 10%
  over 65 <1%


  Professional 23%
  Labor 18%
  Sales/business 12%
  Office/Clerical 7%
  Student 8%
  Technical 9%
  Homemaker 5%
  Unemployed 13%
  Other 5%
  Caucasian 55%
  African-American 27%
  Hispanic 4%
  Native American 3%
  Asian <1%
  Other (includes French-Canadian) 11%
Primary Language
  English 83%
  French 15%
  Spanish 1%
  Other 1%

What Happened

Drugs We Used*
  Snorted cocaine 61%
  Smoked "freebase" 57%
  Smoked "crack" 47%
  Shot cocaine 25%
  Never used cocaine <1%
  Used other drugs 96%
How We Found C.A.
  Recovery Program 30%
  On our own 21%
  Other C.A. Member 14%
  Friend 9%
  Other 12-Step Group 7%
  Family 7%
  Courts 3%
  Hotline 3%
  Intervention 3%
  Doctor 1%
  Job/EAP 1%
  Jail program 1%
  Media 1%

What We Are Like Now

Length of Sobriety
  1-90 days 32%
  3 months - 1 year 23%
  1 - 5 years 31%
  5-10 years 15%
  more than 10 years 2%
C.A. Meetings Attended Per Week**
  1-2 12%
  3-4 56%
  5-6 21%
  7 or more 12%
* Multiple responses allowed.
** Some areas have more meetings than others.

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