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CAWS Conference Delegate

From the C.A. World Service Manual (Revised July 20, 2003); May not reflect changes made at 2003 World Service Conference.

The Delegate's Job is a Spiritual One!

  1. Conference Delegates are required to have a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts of Service and the World Services Conference Charter.
  2. Attend the World Service Conference (WSC) prepared, in order to be able to vote knowledgeably. Every Conference Delegate, after his or her election, will notify the World Service Office (WSO) in order to be placed on the mailing list and to receive all Conference materials, which require several hours of study.
  3. After the Conference, the Delegate transmits the information back to his or her Area through Area and District Meetings as well as to individual Groups. It is important that the information about the WSO and WSC be passed on with enthusiasm, encouraging the continued health and growth of C.A.
  4. Delegates shall encourage their Areas to generate funds to help support World Services.
  5. Delegates must be prepared to attend District, Area and Regional service meetings. They must understand the issues in their Areas to be better able to present them to the Conference.
  6. Delegates cooperate with WSO by providing local meeting schedules and local C.A. information numbers.
  7. Delegates provide C.A. leadership by helping to solve local problems involving the C.A. Traditions.
  8. Delegates visit Groups in their Districts/Areas and are sensitive to their needs and reactions. They should learn how the Groups have reacted to Conference reports. Delegates know communication is a two-way street, with information moving in both directions.
  9. Delegates serve on a World Service Conference Committee and work closely with Committee members throughout the year.
  10. Delegates keep Alternate Delegates fully informed so that the Alternate can replace the Delegate in an emergency.
  11. Delegates shall help all newly elected WSC Delegates from their Areas by passing on knowledge of WSC procedures.
  12. It is the Delegate's responsibility to ensure that their WSC Committee is in action throughout the year and that quarterly Committee reports are sent to the WSO.
  13. They are also responsible for contacting the Regional Trustee at least once per quarter to provide the Trustee with Area reports and updates.


  1. Delegates and Alternate Delegates are to be elected to the WSC by each Area. Each Area shall have three (3) votes which may be carried by up to three (3) Area Delegates or Alternate Delegate(s), in person or by proxy, as set forth in the Standing Rules for the Cocaine Anonymous World Service Conference. If an Area has more than 75 meetings of its groups, then that Area will be entitled to one additional vote for every fifty (50) meetings of its groups (or portion thereof). If an Area has any question concerning the number of votes to which it is entitled, that Area should contact its Regional Trustee or the WSO.
  2. The purpose of the Alternate Delegate is to assist the Delegate and to assume the responsibilities of the Delegate when necessary. Suggested requirements and qualifications are the same as those for Delegates. Any Alternate who replaces the Delegate at the WSC will remain on the WSC and Regional mailing list as that Area's
    delegate for the balance of the unexpired portion of the original Delegate's term until the WSO and the Regional Trustee is informed otherwise by the Area Chairperson. Such an Alternate Delegate succeeding to a Delegate position is eligible to run for election to a full Delegate term.
  3. The Area must decide at the Delegate election who is eligible to be a Delegate and who is eligible to vote for the Delegate. It is suggested that the GSR, District Officers, Service Committee Chairpersons, Area Officers, and other members who are involved in C.A. service qualify for election. It is further suggested that Delegates have two years of continuous sobriety.
  4. The Delegates are to be elected for a term of four (4) Conferences, within a period of four (4) consecutive years. It is suggested that the spirit of rotation be followed. The Area may decide the length of terms for Alternate Delegates.
  5. When necessary, Delegate elections are to be held 120 days prior to the World Service Conference. It is recommended that all new Delegates for the current WSC be elected prior to the Regional Service Assembly.

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