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From the C.A. World Service Manual (Revised December 23, 2003; Reflecting actions taken at the 2003 World Service Conference).

The World Service Conference ("WSC") is the nerve center and voice of our Fellowship. The WSC is the one time each year when all our service branches come together. Unlike all other branches of C.A. service, the WSC is not an entity, it is an event.

At the WSC, the Delegates, the World Service Board of Trustees, and the managers and Directors of the World Service Office meet to discuss ideas and direction for the Fellowship of C.A. as a whole. The WSC can last up to a week; however, the planning and implementation associated with the WSC is a year-round proposition.

The Conference Committee is to provide the planning, organization, logistics, and implementation of the Business Conference to include preparation of the agenda. The Conference Committee will determine the location of the Conference, which will be within a 50-mile radius of the World Service Office, unless otherwise agreed upon by voting Conference members. All World Service Conference contracts must be ratified by the CAWSO Board and executed by two or more board members and/or Trustees.

Each Delegate must be knowledgeable about the needs and feelings of their Area and Region.

From general meetings at the WSC, the Conference divides into various committees where all suggestions, questions, and problems are discussed. These topics include all matters of importance to C.A. as a whole.

Each Delegate serves on a designated Conference Committee of his or her own selection. It is suggested that each Committee contains at least one Trustee. Any member of Cocaine Anonymous may serve and vote on any World Service Conference Committee, however, each Participant is limited to voting in one committee. Nondelegates may serve as Committee officers.

Conference committee guidelines, policies and procedures are submitted to the Conference for approval, included in the Delegates notebooks, and are available to other interested members of the fellowship.

The Conference Committees are:

Click here for the Conference Charter of C.A. World Service.

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